Innocent Sons

July 1st 2016 · Read More · Comments Off

My neighbor directly across the street let her two sons move in about six months ago. I know that mom and dad are all about family and morals. The boys are in their late 30′s and have no children, they work 12 hour shifts at a mill.

I know that it is party time on the weekends for them because they always have a new chic picking them up in lavish rides. The one son told me that he does not want a relationship and that they both have several fuck buddies, sharing ones at that!

I talk to their mother on a regular basis and she has no clue on what her boys are doing while they are out for the night. It is pretty funny because I know what is going on and she is blind to the fact that she thinks that her babies are innocent.

Room For Dessert

June 30th 2016 · Read More · Comments Off

Every Friday night I take my Newcastle escorts friend out to a famous rib shack because they have the have the best ribs in town plus many other foods and desserts. I have a big appetite and like to start out with appetizers. I usually get the platter that has chicken drums, ribs, jumbo shrimp, egg rolls, cole slaw and onion rings.

We tip back a couple of drinks and then it is time to order dinner before we get too buzzed up. My most recent order was the jumbo frog leg dinner and she ordered the fried clam dinner. We shared our dinners with each other and they were so delicious!

I was so stuffed but still made room for dessert, I ordered the carrot cake and brownies. Myself, I can not remember the last time that I put the much food in my gut!

A Hard Day at Work

April 3rd 2016 · Read More · Comments Off

I really needed to get some rest after working for 12 hours straight, but I just wasn’t ready to go home to my empty apartment. I wanted something good to eat and perhaps a beer at one of the local pubs. I was also looking for some company. Even though I was in work and had plenty of people around me, it wasn’t like having a nice conversation with a friend.

I started walking out the door and down the street to the new pub that just opened, but I saw a sign that intrigued me. It said Leicester escorts: No appointment necessary. My back was killing me from hunching over my computer keyboard all day long, so I decided dinner and a drink could wait while I got a relaxing massage. I felt so good after the massage. I am hoping to make a massage a weekly treat for myself.

Online Dating

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It may be surprising, but as an adult, dating has been kind of difficult for me. I recently graduated college, and now I find myself without many opportunities to meet new people. How am I supposed to find a date? Well, I have taken to using local fuck websites to find dates.

It has actually been a pretty good experience for me, for the most part. I met one guy that who I have seen a few times now. Our first date was at a nice Italian restaurant. He pulled up in a very nice car, looked just like he did in his pictures and was a real gentleman. He opened the restaurant door for me, pulled out my chair and chatted openly about himself. I had been a little afraid that men from online dating sites would be very secretive, but he seemed to discuss his life freely, without any hesitation.

A Dream Of My Own

May 13th 2015 · Read More · Comments Off

I wish everyone would stop telling me what to do with my life. I am in my mid twenties now and more than capable of making my own decisions. No joke, I hear from at least three people a day that I need to settle down and stop messing around with just a MILF fuck buddy. What they don’t know is that I do not want commitment, I want to be free to roam and explore anything and everything without a second opinion. I know that sounds self-centered but I just can’t see basing my life on one person when there is so much out for that I want for myself. Sometimes I just feel like moving away to a place no one knows me. That way I make mistakes without the fear of my shadows yelling back at me. I just can’t live in someone’s dream other than my own.

Real Erotic Pleasure

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My fuck buddy and I were looking for a way to spice up our intimate time together and that is when we found out about Nuru gel. This gel is absolutely the best at maintaining its consistency. It has no taste to it, but it surely makes in our playtime in the tub and shower much more interesting.

Because the gel is extremely slippery, we were able to give each other a body to body massage that was comfortable and cool. As we massaged each other with our bodies, we often found ourselves participating in erotic sexual activity soon after giving the massages, even when we were planning not to.

After trying it out so many times, we were impressed at the fact that the feel of the gel was always consistent and it never lost its fluency. We find ourselves racing home after work every night just to feel our nude, slippery bodies against each other.

Don’t stress over deadlines

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Sometimes business meetings can be really stressful. An important deadline may need to be met or someone’s job may be on the line. It is a natural reaction to worry in these situations, but there are ways to alleviate the stress after the meetings are over. I once was in the same situation and was really stressing over a marketing meeting. I was in London at the time and thought about going to a bar. I went to a fancy bar and just had a couple long island ice teas. Sure enough I was calm and relaxed and was sure I could tackle what lie ahead of me. Just one or two long island ice teas can be really effective in lowing the stress in a person and proved to be true in my situation. I was feeling good and even acquired a girl’s number in the process. She said there was a lot of Nottingham escorts and that she was one. Sure enough my night ended great and I wasn’t even thinking about the previous marketing meeting.

Making Time For Him

March 20th 2015 · Read More · Comments Off

My husband and I have been married for a long time. While we had our fair share of trials and tribulations, we have always managed to come out of things okay. But in the state that our economy is in, my husband found himself working a second job just so we could pay all of our bills. It meant we had less time together, and that meant we had less time to be intimate. We had never let an obstacle stop us before, and we didn’t want to start now.

So when my husband suggested gay fuck phone sex while he was on his lunch break on his overnight job, I agreed without hesitation. It was a new way to be intimate, and I found I had more courage to admit things during those late night calls.

Let me tell you, I haven’t been this excited for a phone call in years.

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